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PTC Connector


Our digital consulting stands for an individual, customized and tailor-made process. Leveraging existing know-how to help build synergies through interaction and integration. Customers in the digital age have unique requirements and challenges which we commit to solve. Therefore, we want to strengthen your existing market footprint and grow your market share.  

To achieve these goals we depend on our highly specialized team of advisors, data analysts, web designers and web engineers is our. Living our digital passion is our Pink Tree style.

So, ask us any question, challenge us with your problem and demand the best of us. What is your question? 



Just log in once to edit, change and cross check your content on all your digital channels; be able to fully monitor the Customer Journey – this is what our PTC Connector stands for. A cloud based, royalty free platform used for your complete Online Marketing – comparable with an individualized Content Management System at its best. We are happy to share this unique experience with you. Just contact us!​​​​​​​



We facilitate dialogue between brands and people –  24/7: through Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Online Marketing. Have a partner who listens to you and addresses your technical challenges. A partner who will stand by your side, even after going live.